Ekaterina Videva is a private self taught designer/crafter currently
living in Yorkshire, North of England.

After finishing ''Fine Arts'' school in her home town of Bourgas, she started creating clothes for herself, friends and others, 4 years later officially starting ''KatzLittleFactory'' in the middle of 2011 as a name to be recognized with.

Ekaterina decided to experience all that life had to offer and left her home country of Bulgaria for the UK. She is consistently inspired by meeting people and exploring new skills that translate into pieces of wearable art on the way to self-improvement and finding ways to craft dreams and visions as fashion.

As a small girl Kat found delight in observing nature and it's animals, especially night time insects and butterflies. Now being inspired by all these memories and new dreams, she creates them as a darker vision of clockwork precision and detail; tiny impossible dreams of organic technology and perfection of the machine that could almost exist...

The ''Cyber Flowers'' are born from the melding of synthetic materials with organic; inspired by the symmetry and beauty of nature, created with shiny synthetic fabrics and PVC. Folded like origami from cybernetic drawings to sculpture in a three-dimensional piece made from guitar strings, clock parts, pearls, studs, spikes, and vintage finds.

Gothic Industrial, Mechanical, Electric, Cyber, Cyberpunk, Bio-mechanic, Post Apocalyptic, Steampunk, Victorian, Victorian Taxidermy, Alternative, Fetish, Fantasy, Dark, Horror.

Feel free to contact with requests for personalized pieces or large
scale commission work at: katzevilemail [!at] gmail.com