It's end of the year and you can't help it but to think about your favourite moments. One of mine was definately visiting Claire Saville's studio in Birmingham in September.

I've seen what magic Claire creates over few years now and two collaborations we had, so I thought it was time to go in front of her camera myself.  Theme of the shoot was ''Space Age'' and I couldn't wait to mix retro style pin up with my cyber accessories!

After a quick Welcome and a sit down with Kari Roberts (on set MUA), I had my hair volumized, my face glitterfied and totaly transformed into something of a '80 sci-fi movie and all I said was ''I want to be like Barbarella for one day.''

KLF Accessories Used

KatzLittleFactory accessories used in the shoot:

~Black Iridescent Body Brace Harness.

~Mega Glitter Galaxy ''Shirt Collar'' Choker.

~Spike Bow Black PVC Studded Ring.

Also made myself some plain black latex top, knickers and long stockings to go with that look.

Set was a dark but very colourful moon-like landscape with purple craters, very deep dark blue space and of course a massive rocket! All made by Glenn Patrick. I also had a choice of extras like a pair of laser guns or jet pack. What more could you possibly need?

Here are select 3 photos of the set, Claire would help you with posing, guide you through it and let you select your favourite photos - so friendly and professional! Without a doubt I trusted her completely with the outcome of the photos.




Phew! Phew! Phew! Go check her photography website.